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spécialiste génie des matériaux, développement matériaux et procédés de fabrication pour applications médicales
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Senior Research Manager with international experience in both R&D Management and Business Development. Constantly seeking to deliver superior technological solutions to better serve patients and customers, as well as to enhance the company’s added value and grow its market shares.

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Méthodes in vitro de prédiction de la bioactivité des matériaux

Matériaux et procédés de fabrication pour le médical, Recherche et innovation, Business Development

Betroffene Direktionen für die Eingreifen:
Direction R&D Direction de la Production Direction commerciale

Arten von Eingreifen:
Analyse de résultats, stratégies de recherche, réseautage

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Maitrrise de chimie-physique

Doctorat en Science des Matériaux


Research and Innovation for medical materials, manufacturing technologies, and new product development (dental implant industry):
-Establish research strategies responding to clinical and customer needs -Run research programs to scout and develop new and innovative materials, new manufacturing technologies, and new product concepts, in collaboration with industry and academia -Implement innovative materials and technologies in the product development pipeline to meet product and engineering requirements

Product development/launch projects (dental implant industry):
-Technical lead for the development of materials and manufacturing processes meeting the product technical and
engineering requirements (POP, POC, technical development phase, launch preparation phase) and support in the creation
of product business cases -Support to Product Development: advising on best practice in ceramic engineering, project and product risk analysis,
project management along the Idea-To-Market stage gate phases -Support to Operations: technology transfer from development to production phase (SOPs, technical reports) -Support to Regulatory: planning of materials and products in vitro tests required for CE and FDA registration (e.g. mechanical properties, biocompatibility)-Support to Marketing: writing of technical product claims, planning of in vitro tests and clinical case studies required to back up product claims prior to launch, support with writing marketing brochures and Instructions For Use (IFU) leaflets-Networking with experts: establish and manage strategic consulting with KOLs to collect input on market trends, clinical and customers needs, and to get feedback on ongoing and planned development projects
Business development:
-Hunt new customers in a B2B model and prepare and close commercial deals (exclusivity, duration, distribution channels,
target sales volume, pricing, marketing expenditures, advertising material, reporting, termination) -Establish technical development contracts with sets of requirements and milestones and manage the partnerships with the
suppliers -Develop new product applications with existing customers and prospects-Develop strategic relationships with medtech industry leaders, raw materials suppliers, OEM manufacturers, researchers, and clinicians
Product management:
-Manage a product line from cradle to grave-Establish marketing plan-Accompany customers during launch preparation, launch, and post market analysis
Knowledge management:
-Develop and maintain sustainable knowledge management within the whole organization (materials properties,
manufacturing technologies used for the product portfolio, retrieval analysis, standardization work)-Be a process gate keeper for all R&D, regulatory, and marketing activities


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Einige Referenzen:
EPFL, Laboratoire des poudres, Lausanne

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